Sunday, April 4, 2010

poked and prodded

so i am pretty sure that this is a cattle phrase, however that is exactly what tracee has been going through over the past 15 hours. her symptoms with the preeclampsia took a bit of a turn late last night and her blood pressure started moving north of 200/100. the concern for tracee's health pushed the dr's forward with a number of medicines to combat the high blood pressure and to slow down what was, in that moment, "a possible imminent delivery." our families rushed down to join us sometime after 10:30 and we hung out until about 11:30 to find out that delivery was now being pushed to the back burner as the medicine had brought her blood pressure back in line. the medicine worked so well in fact that her blood pressure did a complete 180 and was now on the low end of the spectrum. she was put back on constant fetal monitoring as they anticipated that the medicine would make gavin sleepy and lethargic, just as it did to tracee. i am so proud of tracee and the little trooper she has been in all of this to lay in that bed and take the needles and the monitoring and the medicines, etc. all in the name of protecting our family's health. we continue to covet your prayers as we celebrate Easter Sunday here in the hospital. one of the doctors from phoenix perinatal came in with another doctor today to discuss what had occured with tracee and baby over the last bit of time. they seemed relieved to see us in the position we are in now and thankful that they didn't have to pull the trigger and deliver last night. we are so thankful for each and every morning that comes as it spells a new day and one more day that gavin gets to spend in the womb. i prayed that God would place His hand on tracee and that He would hold gavin in His hands at that very moment and i feel that He delivered in that moment. the dr's explained to us this morning that things can change very quickly as we witnessed last night. we are trying to do some quick visits with family today but from here on out we are asking that no one stop by and visit. tracee and gavin need their rest and we need to leave room for the dr's and the nurses to do what they need to do.
we love and thank you all for continuing to read the blog and pass it along and keeping us in your prayers. songs come to my mind each and every day. this morning: God is good all the time, He put a song of praise in this heart of mine. He sustains.



  1. I'm so glad to hear that Tracee's bp went down and that baby Gavin is able to stay in there longer! :) May you feel God's love today and be encouraged by the fact that we have a risen Lord and Savior and we too will rise with him one day! Much love to the three of you! We continue to pray. love, Melanie

  2. I can't believe all you are enduring....we are keeping you in our nightly family prayers! We love you guys and are here for you,anytime! I hope you can break days into smaller pieces so you have many mini wins in a day!! What a good idea to just have family come for is tracees only way through.....when she's ready for a friend, I am happy to come serve you both however you need.....homecooked meal, a new name it, we are here! Hugs to you tonight.....happy easter william family

  3. I know you are in good hands there! Dr. Sawai is my favorite...and by the way she is a believer! Praying for you!