Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'm humbled

i'm trying to write this right now and i have to stop and lean my head back against the wall and stare to the Heavens as i look for composure. i'm choking back tears as i type this very moment. when we discovered that there were complications and issues we would have to overcome, we decided in that moment that we would give God all of the glory and prayed that these circumstances would draw people close to Jesus. we are seeing that unfold before our very eyes. as i check facebook or read the comments on the blog, i am unable to contain myself. scripture tells us that the words of the Lord are sharper than any 2 edged sword, able to separate bone from sinew (paraphrase) and that is absolutely true. i am cut to the core as i read some of the responses and posts from you all. my life will never be the same. i don't have much else to say; other than thank you. please continue to post and to share with us all what God is doing in and through you during this time.
tracee is recovering slowly but surely and that is encouraging and a blessing to me. on another note, my dad called today to let me know that my mom was admitted to scottsdale thompson peak hospital this afternoon with an unknown GI issue but that it could possibly be colitis or a bad bacterial infection. so, i've got both my wife and my mom on morphine in 2 different hospitals at the same time. it really just is what it is. we are praying for 24 hours of good news, taking it 1 day at a time.



  1. Try to just get through each minute at a time, when things are so intense.

    Jeramy, I just met you one time and was blown away with your kindness and loving care of your family. And, Tracee is a true angel on earth!

    We are a different religion but our depth of belief is the same. I am so glad that you guys have this strong belief to lean on, as well as each other.

    Congratulations on Gavin's birth. I know how scary these first few days are, the roller coaster analogy is one I am sure you have heard. I ran a mentor program for preemie moms, so if you guys ever need to talk.

    Lastly, my DH is an internist who works mostly with Thompson Peak. If you have any questions, or need help with Mom, call also...day or night.

    Gavin is soaking up all of the love and joy that surrounds you. It makes him stronger by the minute.

    Raquel Schnitzer

  2. You have such an amazing heart, thank you for sharing it so openly with all of us. You, Tracee, and Gavin continue to be in our hearts and prayers. I can't even imagine what you are feeling, I keep looking at Jake and Ava and tears come unbidden in a mixture of emotions: gratitude for them, a broken heart for your pain, and hope for God's miracles. Being a parent gives us a whole new perspective on our relationship with our Holy Father, a tiny glimpse into how much He loves us. Nothing has ever been more humbling. You and Tracee are demonstrating such faith so gracefully and powerfully through all of this; reading your words, wow, what a testimony. How inspiring to everyone you know, which is so evident in the huge response of prayer and encouragement. We'll also be praying for your sweet mom, I'm so sorry you have all of this at the same time. Please give Tracee our love, I know she will recover quickly. Praise our precious Lord for little man Gavin, what a miracle he is!
    Love and hugs to you all!

  3. God is faithful beyond our comprehension. He is the giver of life. The Hearer of our prayers. The healer of the ALL THINGS. God bless our little Gavin.

  4. The Lord only uses his strongest children because they are the ones that listen...beyond the pain and beyond the situation. He has promised to hold you all especially you as the leader of your family...he will not fail you leave your or forsake you..Being able to notice how God is using this journey to draw others closer is not only a sign of maturity in Christ but something to be admired by all who believe! Thank YOU! You guys are ordinary people with and extraordinary GOD who is using the Williams has an instrument for the LORD! May God continue to bless and keep little Gavin, Tracee and your mother strong and well!

  5. We are so excited that Gavin made such a grand entrance and how happy we are to rejoice in the "honeymoon" as you stated. Celebrate each great moment and deal with others as needed is what we learned...

    God has prepared you both for a time as this, to be Mom & Dad and also husband and Wife. I pray you don't loose sight of one another, it's because of your commitment to marriage that precious Gavin is here! My prayer today has been that God will glorify this union between you both with the times that are to come. Parenting is the most rewarding yet hardest job in the entire world as you can see already. The great news is, it's the best job that God will bless you with, and He blessed you with Gavin!!

    We are praying for Mom too, she is so precious to our family.

    As Andy and I have said to years, God never gives us more than we can handle...He sure must trust us ALOT!! You and Tracee must be 2 very trustworthy people too!!

    We are here for you and we love you...thick and thin...day or night....happy or sad...

    Andy & Nicole