Saturday, April 10, 2010

discharged and blue

this will be quick. tracee was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon which was a huge blessing! we were so glad to get home and begin to rest in our own house and yet torn because we had to leave gavin. we know that he is in the best possible hands as at his size and stature there is nothing tracee and i could possibly do for him. we had a pretty good afternoon here at home and evening - gavin was tolerating his feedings and was receiving his first blood transfusion and all looked ok as of 7:30 when tracee had called. about 11ish we decided to call over to the NICU to check on gavin before bed. when we spoke to the nurse she informed me that he had begun to turn blue and that he must have either dislodged his breathing tube or had a lot of secretions in the way that was blocking it. the oscillator wasn't moving his little belly the way it should. i asked to speak to the dr. after she informed me that he was now returning back to stable. the dr. spoke to us and told us that he had been able to act pretty quickly but that there is no way to tell at this point if any damage had been done to gavin's body. we will have to wait until they do an ultrasound of his brain at about 7 days of life. all kinds of thoughts and emotions began to run through our bodies as we pondered all of this and took it in over the phone. the dr. was so clinical with us calling gavin "the infant." he's our son, he has a name. i was reading in Hebrews 11 this morning about faith. we must believe with conviction that gavin will be healed and that NO damage was done to his body over this!!! "now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1
this is what we stand on this morning! we have to remain confident and sure in what we hope for for gavin. for whatever reason the nights are ridiculously hard for us. things seem to get out of control at night and he has his dips during these times. please pray hard for protection over him and for us.
last night we were hit with another blow in an attempt to shake our faith once again. but tracee and i are holding each other tightly and trusting in the living God who heals and still performs miracles on an ongoing basis!
be in prayer with us and pray that today is a really good day and that his lungs begin to take on a whole new ability. we love him more than anything.



  1. Tracee -- Rest assured you have more people praying for you guys and little Garvin than you can imagine, including the McDaniels family! Its truely been a blessing to follow your blogs the last few days, thank you for sharing for heart. Please give our love to your Mom and Dad!! I was a premie nurse before Kevin was born, so I know exactly what you guys are going through. I know alot has changed in the last 30 yrs but alot remains the same - please call if you need to talk!!
    With ALL my love and prayers, Alyce

  2. Psalm 112:4
    Light dawns in the darkness for the upright; He is gracious, merciful, and righteous.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I pray that Gavin's lungs get stronger each and every day. Carol Sakala

  4. Please listen to the new Amy Grant song, "Better Than a Hallelujah." It's about being faithful and true, not fake in your faith. A "hallelujah" can be offered, but not sincere. A cry, a plea, an honest raw emotion is what bonds us with the God of all creation.
    "He cares for us." 1 Peter 5

  5. Tracee,
    You are in my thoughts. Lisa

  6. We pray that tonight precious Gavin will rest peacefully and that Mommy & Daddy get a much needed night of rest too. Once again, thanks for allowing us to be apart of this personal time so we can pray and be here for you.
    Love you!
    Nicole & Andy

  7. I have never met you guys but have been reading your story for days. Today at church I put you guys on the prayer list. We have been on our knees praying to god to heal baby Gavin in the name of our savior. I wanted to just share something with you guys. Our son was born healthy 8 pounds 7 oz but little did we know he had something going on in his body. He spent days in the hospital. Going back on that I remember all the times our marriage was tested. This will be a very long and hard road but don’t let the devil find his way in. Gavin's fight will be much harder then my sons but when it’s your child it seems like the worst. All my love to you my sister and brother.

    "You never know how STRONG you are till being strong is the only chose you have."

    “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

    “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” (Mark 11:24)

    Then Jesus answered and said to her, “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour. (Matthew 15:28)

    “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

  8. Dear Tracee, Jeremy and Gavin
    My family will continue to pray hard for you. You have God in your corner. May Gavin have a great day and many more great days.Thanks for updating this blog so we can specifically pray for Gavins needs and your needs as well.
    God Bless You and Keep You.
    Melissa, Maurice and Family