Monday, April 5, 2010


baby gavin is on his way in less than an hour. please pray for the Lord's provision and for the perfect care that we know He will provide.
we are getting tracee all prepped now and i'm just about to get a bite to eat and get my mind right before we head in. the nurses are keeping tracee's spirits up and i'm doing my best as well. parenthood is upon us and then we will begin our next part of the journey: recouperating tracee and nurturing baby gavin.
thank you to all -



  1. We are standing by you in prayer and in spirit you guys!
    Love Andy & Nicole

  2. Praying for all of you! You are in good hands (medically and spiritually!) Gavin is a miracle that he has made it this far!( I am so thankful!) Tracee, everything you have been through is all worth it! Even the Mag! I know what that stuff is like both personally and professionally! God is carrying all three of you through and will continue to in miraculous ways! Just keep focused on why you are doing all of this! For Gavin! Tha is what gets you through! Love, Mama Maurer

  3. Tracee and Jeramy,
    My family and I send our prayers and support to you. May God watch over you and protect you. You are and will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Joi Lopez

  4. You don't know me, but I know Star from Tues AM worship team. Just 10 weeks ago I was in the same place you were. My twins were in the NICU right after they were born. We made it to 37 weeks but they still had some issues. As you mentioned in an earlier blog post - they said to expect them home on the due date and they were. One twin even came home two days early ! The DRs and RNs know what they are doing - trust them. Love on your little one, and as hard as it is - take time to rest. I planned to stay in the NICU but going home to rest was the best thing I could do for my family. Hang in there sounds so cliche - but just try - you will be in my prayers ! ~ Courtney Ludwig

  5. Hi. I am a friend of Michelle F. and learned about Gavin through her Facebook. I wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you, Gavin and the NICU doctors and nurses. Our daughter was born 6 weeks ago at 25 weeks gestation and is doing well. (I tell you this to encourage you.) My heart aches for you and your little guy. Gavin is a miracle and will amaze you at what he is able to do for being so young and little.

  6. I saw your story on a friend's facebook...our son had a brain bleed/stroke in utero with resulting hydrocephalus. We had to choose to deliver him at 34 weeks. He was very sick and remained in the NICU for 6 weeks. Today he is 8 and is healthy, happy and doing awesome! I remember so well being where you are now. I just pray that the Lord's pressence and awesome love will be strongly felt by you and that his peace will be upon you in the days and weeks ahead. We will be lifting you up in prayer daily. Blessings, Lisa Warren

  7. How great is our God! He hears all your prayers and we thank you for each of them!
    Grandma Nikolin

  8. i found out out about your blog through Cate Johnson. I know Cate through Dawn Gregg and I am also a nurse at good samaritan in labor and delivery. I wondered where you were but I saw Dr. Sawai's name and I think I know were you are at. And it is the best place for both of you. I am praying for your sweet baby and for you.

    Ginger Dunham

  9. Hi, I am a friend of Michelle F, as well, and am praying for you. The song you had posted on your blog really hit home to me: "When my world is shaking, heaven stands. When my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands." Thank you for ministering to me! I will be praying for your sweet baby and for this time.