Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i had such a wonderful time on our honeymoon. jeramy put everything together and it couldn't have been more perfect. he planned for us to take a cruise to mexico, including cabo san lucas, mazatlan, and puerto vallarta. jeramy got us a room with a balcony and everything. it was beautiful! i had never cruised before and now i can't wait to go again! jeramy and i both think that next time, it would be so much fun to go with a group of our friends. there is so much to do both on and off the ship. we went jet skiing in cabo, where we got to see land's end (the arch in the ocean). also, we went to a beautiful all-inclusive resort in puerto vallarta, that included all you can eat and drink, beautiful pools, and unlimited use of beach activities (snorkeling, kayaking, etc.) jeramy and i had so much fun with one another. it felt so normal to spend a week together, uninterrupted. now that we are home, it is amazing how i fall in love with him more and more each day. i love the feeling i get when i come home to him each day. the companionship is so amazing and unlike anything i have ever experienced. it is so reassuring to have someone that i wake up with every morning and go to bed with every night. Thanks be to GOD for the blessing of always knowing that i have someone who loves me that much!

our honeymoon seems like so long ago, but every time i look at the pictures, it brings me right back to how much fun it truly was!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

not-so-sweet dreams

okay...i am convinced that my husband has the weirdest dreams ever! i swear, you never truly know everything about your other half until you live together. i was sure that there weren't any "deal breakers" for me when we got married. little did i know that jeramy does and says the CRAZIEST things in his sleep. sleeping in the same bed as him is truly an experience! gosh...i love being married to him. hilarious moments when you least expect them! here are a few of the good ones (and the ones i can actually blog about) ha ha!

this happened while we were dating/engaged. jeramy fell asleep on the couch during a movie:

jeramy: "tracee" (in a frustrated voice)
tracee: "what?"
jeramy: "you didn't put your shoes away"
tracee: "what?"
jeramy: "your didn't put them away!"
tracee: "what shoes?"
jeramy: "your barkley' didn't put them away."
tracee: "my barkley's? in Charles Barkley?"
jeramy: "YES...your barkley's!"
tracee: "are those like basketball shoes?"
jeramy: "yes...your WNBA didn't put them away!
**at this point, i had nothing to say...because i couldn't speak! i was laughing so hard!!! I woke jeramy up and we laughed...a lot!!!!!!

shortly after getting married (middle of the night)

jeramy: "tracee" (in a super urgent voice)
tracee: "what?" (thinking something is wrong or happening in our house)
jeramy: "did you lick the paint?"
tracee: "what?"
jeramy: "the paint...did you lick it"
tracee: "no babe...i didn't lick the paint"
**jeramy begins to explain to me that he knew what he was saying and knew it didn't make sense. he talked that out all by himself while i just listened. oh yes...he was still asleep. note to self...people don't present a really good argument to defend themselves while they are still sleeping.

shortly after getting married (middle of the night)

I awaken to jeramy leaping across the bed (i'm sleeping on my stomach). before i know it, he is completely on top of me as if to shield me from something. you can imagine how FREAKED OUT i was to wake up to that! when i asked him what he was doing he proceeded to tell me "you're going to be okay. you're going to be okay". over and over and over again.

~I am now beginning to realize that i am taking after him. the other night, i kept tapping him on the forehead, trying to convince him that i was certain someone was trying to break into our much worse is this going to get? we've only been married for 2 months! :) ha ha!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


last night, jeramy and i began reading a Christian marriage book together. we decided to sit down over dinner and have a meaningful conversation about marriage and the way that GOD intended it. the book we began reading is called "love life - for every married couple". the idea of doing this meant so much to me and so much to jeramy. it was great to be able to prioritize time like this with one another. we decided to take turns reading it aloud. we chose to do it this way because we heard that as you read something aloud, you can retain much more of its information. i had heard this in a sermon one time..."read the Scriptures aloud". so we began doing just that. i read first...then i kept reading, kept reading, and kept reading. the idea of taking turns was great but there was something that kept me from handing the book to my husband. what the heck!? as jeramy kindly asked to read the next chapter, i felt a sense of hesitancy come over me. i sincerely wanted to equally participate and i was so disappointed in myself for hogging the entire first chapter. then it hit me! i realized that i didn't want jeramy to read because that would mean that i would have to listen. i am one of those people who can retain so much information in things i read....again, things i read. i began to notice that i have awful listening skills!!! so, i handed the book over to my hubby and began to actively listen to the powerful words and Scriptures that he was reading. it was so, so hard! looking back on last night, tons of thoughts began to overtake me! i realized that marriage is also meant to keep me humble! i know that GOD had that come to my attention last night and will use my and jeramy's time together to help grow me. i recognize what He is trying to do. however, even though i recognize what He is going to do during this stage in my life, i feel like i am fighting against my actual willingness to let Him. it's so weird to think that i have been like this my whole life and i am thankful for the obvious reminder to actually fix it. gosh, i really want to fix it.

God, please help me to be teachable. help me have a heart that is open and willing to let You use me, mold me, and show me what it really means to listen...just listen. not interject my own thoughts and feelings because i feel the need to be heard. help me see the power of what might happen if i just listen.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

where's buddha?

so, i thought this was super funny...judge for yourself...

each year, i develop a list of responsibilities for the students in my classroom. some of those jobs/responsibilities include the line leader, the door holder, the germ catcher, the caboose, etc. Today, while assigning these jobs, i realized that the child who was supposed to be the caboose was absent. apparently, a little boy in my class realized it at the same moment. he began shouting, "can i be the buddhist? can i be the buddhist? i'll be a good buddhist...i'll be the buddhist in line. please!" i had no idea what he was asking me until i put it together. i kept trying to explain to him that it is called the caboose. don't think he really got it because at parent pick up, after giving me a hug goodbye, he told me, "thank you for letting me be the buddhist. i had so much fun!" after a day like that, how can i not LOVE my job?!