Tuesday, September 1, 2009

where's buddha?

so, i thought this was super funny...judge for yourself...

each year, i develop a list of responsibilities for the students in my classroom. some of those jobs/responsibilities include the line leader, the door holder, the germ catcher, the caboose, etc. Today, while assigning these jobs, i realized that the child who was supposed to be the caboose was absent. apparently, a little boy in my class realized it at the same moment. he began shouting, "can i be the buddhist? can i be the buddhist? i'll be a good buddhist...i'll be the buddhist in line. please!" i had no idea what he was asking me until i put it together. i kept trying to explain to him that it is called the caboose. don't think he really got it because at parent pick up, after giving me a hug goodbye, he told me, "thank you for letting me be the buddhist. i had so much fun!" after a day like that, how can i not LOVE my job?!

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  1. soooo fun-NA! hahaha i miss those little moments!!!!! that cracks me UP! I miss teaching but believe me I got some "moments" of my own over here!! Love ya girl!