Saturday, May 1, 2010

this too shall pass: an update

if you have been following the blog then you know about and have probably read our post about my night to the Suns game and how the reoccuring them for that day had been "this too shall pass." I had said in that post that with God there are no such thing as coincidences. we stand firm on that. this blog, and our journey with gavin continue to bring us stories of God's workings in our lives and just how things happen for a reason, even if in the midst we don't understand.
tracee came home the other day and said "do you remember that girl's tattoo from the Suns game? well, a friend of mine knows her - it's her good friend!" tracee proceeded to read me the email and this is what is said:

Hey Tracee,

I just wanted to write and say that I have been following your blog and keeping you and your family in my prayers. I was just catching up on the last couple of blogs and saw the craziest thing! That girl who your husband took a picture of her tattoo at the Suns game is a really good friend of mine and I was with her when she got that tattoo in December, small world. I told her about the blog and the picture and she was so happy that your husband saw this and felt some sort of peace from it. Her name is actually Nicole and she was a roommate of Mia in college. So, anyways your prayer circle just got bigger. I wish you and your family the best and will continue to pray for you all.


we can't make this stuff up! you always hear people say things like "what a small world." it's not a small world. it's actually a very big world, but when you run in certain circles, or you believe in a God who ordains things and places people where they need to be when they need to be there, then you get things like this that happen.
i hope that you all find this as cool and encouraging as we have!  gavin is 26 days old today and has taken a little step back on his progress but we trust and remain calm and know that these things will happen.
continue to pray for the strenght of his lungs and that he will tolerate his feedings as they attempt to get him up to "full feeds" over the next week or so. it's what he needs to really grow. oh yeah, also pray for him to sleep soundly as that deep sleep really helps him grow too.
may each and every one of you be blessed richly in your lives as you join with us in prayers and support for gavin and the williams family. thank you!


  1. Oh, we serve an incredible & omniscient God! Thanks for sharing testimony to that.


  2. I love this! Awesome story! Awesome GOD!

  3. Wow! It always amazes me the "small" things that God gives that ONLY can be from HIM!! These are things you will always remember and be able to tell Gavin later as a testement to Gods comfort and blessings in your familys' life! Our 10 year old Anna knit the cutest little hat for Gavin! We will get it to you soon before he outgrows it! Love to you all, Mama Maurer

  4. I love how that came full circle for you~ It sure is special when God gives us a tangible word, he knew just what you both needed.

    Love you three!
    Andy & Nicole