Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fingers crossed

gavin is almost 17 months old. i can hardly believe it! he is turning into such a little boy. he is making so many noises these days and is doing many new things recently. he claps when you ask him to, he can grab your nose when you say, "where's my nose?", he raises his arms when you say, "arms up", and he is starting to identify your mouth when you ask him, "where's my mouth?". i love this stage. i love watching him learn something new every day. here is a picture of him with a group of therapists at a occupational therapy clinic i took him to:

some other news, gavin got his glasses. he wears them all day long and actually doesn't seem to mind them all that much. he doesn't really pull at them or seem to be bothered by them. this poor kid always has something on his face that i am guessing he is getting pretty used to it. he will continue to wear the glasses until we see his eye doctor on september 8th to schedule surgery. i will keep you posted on that appointment. i really do love this kid-such a trooper in these glasses. they are so cute and i think they make him look quite studious.

another big milestone for us is that gavin has been off oxygen COMPLETELY for 6 days!! prior to this, he was still needing the oxygen at night while he was sleeping, but his sats have been so good all night that he doesn't need it. i think he knew he was done with oxygen before we did because he started pulling it off his face within a couple hours of falling asleep for the past week and a half. like i said, he's feisty. i imagine that gavin will remain off oxygen unless he comes down with a sickness of any kind that impacts his respiratory system. please join jeramy and me as we pray against that. love you all!


  1. CUTEST PICTURE EVER!! LOVE gavin's glasses....and that smile ~ sooo adorable! happy to hear all the good reports too ~ God is so good.
    love you guys!
    aunt pam

  2. thanks aunt pam! we are so excited at the progress gavin is making. God is so good! can't wait for california with you!