Monday, August 29, 2011

flathead lake

we had the privilege of taking a vacation to montana. some great friends of ours own some property right on flathead lake. it is gorgeous there! we flew for the first time with gavin, who does not travel lightly. we had to order a portable concentrator, take his pulse oximeter to see how his oxygen levels were on the plane, we had a carry-on full of various medical supplies and medicines, a diaper bag and oh yeah, a baby! despite the overwhelming amount of items to take with us, gavin did excellent! he played the whole way there - even after a 4 hour flight delay. he didn't take a nap until 4:45 that afternoon. you would think that would make for a cranky baby, but he was a gem! we definitely knew that the Lord's hand was on us during that flight.

our first complete day there was very eventful. we woke up and jeramy and me decided to take the jet ski out. once we had our fun, jeramy began bringing the jet ski back to our dock. there are poles with rope that hang off the dock for you to lasso the jet ski so that you don't have to dock it completely. you wrap the rope around it and a metal piece comes down to tighten it right around the steering column. the mistake was taht we left the jet ski in idle while trying to bring it in. as jeramy was wrapping the rope around the column, it tightened down on the throttle. jeramy reached down to quickly take it off but before we knew it, the rope tightened around the throttle and jeramy's finger and took off. it broke jeramy's finger completely.

we drove straight to the hospital where he had xrays and various pain meds. they told us the break required surgery. they took him into surgery about 3 hours later to place a plate and 4 screws in his hand. the surgery took about an hour and a half. jeramy was such a trooper! i felt so bad for him since the majority of our vacation centered around lake activities. he also had plans to play golf with a friend of his, which obviously didn't happen. here is a post-surgery xray of the plate and screws:

the remainder of the trip went pretty smoothly. i got stung by a bee our second day there and i got a black eye the last day of our vacation after swimming down to retrieve a golf ball from the bottom of the lake-only to hit my face on some rebar that was in the water surrounding a pipe. with jeramy's busted hand and my black eye, we looked like a poster for domestic violence. ha ha!

gavin did the best out of everyone! he was such a social little boy and even ate some baby food while we were there. hopefully next year, our trip to flathead lake will be more uneventful.

thanks for lifting us up in prayer!


  1. So glad you had a chance to "get away" from it all! Poor, poor Jeramy - I hope his finger is healing nicely.

  2. thank you melody! jeramy's finger is healing nicely. he had his stitches removed on monday and will just now be working on movement, etc. prayers always appreciated!