Thursday, July 14, 2011

where do i start?

a lot has happened since our last post. sorry for that. gavin is changing so much. it really is true what they say, "they grow up so fast". gavin is sitting (prop sitting) for 5 minutes at a time. that means that he is using is arms to help support him. he places them on toys or on the floor. he is doing this all by himself. yay!!

gavin is also talking a ton! he makes the funniest noises and squeals i have ever heard. he prefers to do this at home...he's quite shy in public. but i love that about him. he is so cautious....observes everything! it's almost as if, as soon as we get in the car or we get home, he starts telling us about all of the things he saw.

he also has a mouth full of teeth! he currently has 10, if you can believe that, with 2 more sprouting through any day now. it is so funny to me that he has all these teeth, yet doesn't use them. he is still taking a bottle-goat's milk. we have found that the goat's milk really helps his reflux. since we started him on goat's milk, we have been able to take him off ALL reflux meds! praise Jesus! he is going to feeding therapy once a week to work on eating solids/baby food. gavin has textbook oral aversion. i don't blame him at all. with the numerous times he has thrown up and the countless times we shoved tubes up his nose and into his stomach, i can see why he's hesitant.

our weeks are pretty routine. we go to church on sunday and then have lunch as a family so that jeramy and i can talk about the upcoming week. i love sundays. on monday morning, gavin has 2 therapies. first he has physical therapy and then his developmental specialist comes to work with him. on tuesday, he has feeding therapy. this is our only therapy that does not take place at home. we go to the hospital for it. on wednesday, i have Bible study and jeramy's folks get to watch gavin for a few hours. we also try to go up to the anthem outlets where they have a thing called 'kids play'. it is a half hour program for children under Kindergarten age who go to sing, listen to stories and act out plays. we go with my friend Chrystle and her 2 boys. it's a lot of fun. on thursday, he has occupational therapy, and on friday, my mom comes over to spend time with us. i try to schedule his/my appointments on wednesdays or fridays. gosh, i love that we are so busy. it actually feels so nice to be back to the daily routines that i missed so much. our life is more predictable now than it's ever been. we waited a long time for that.

gavin had an endoscopy/bronchoscopy procedure done on monday. it was a huge success. we checked in at 6am with his procedure starting at 7. no joke, we were discharged by 8:30! gavin did so well coming off anesthesia, which as you know, is the hardest thing for him. i was able to be with him when he was first waking up and let me tell you....he did NOT want to be there. he was thrashing around like crazy and then reached down and pulled his iv out of his hand. he's quite feisty....i have no idea where he gets that from. ;)  the doctors took a few biopsies. we won't get the results back until early next week. i will keep you posted.

thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for my family. also, special thanks to all of the people who participated in the day of fasting and prayer that we organized last sunday. i am confident that God heard all of these prayers and that gavin's surgery was so successful because of it. there really is no other explanation for it

we love each of you.


  1. hahaha! Love your new "look"! So happy Gavin is getting stronger. Pretty soon you'll be chasing him around the house...

  2. Thanks Melody! We look forward to that day!!