Friday, July 22, 2011

let there be sight

yesterday, we had an appointment with gavin's opthamologist. we have known for awhile that gavin's eyes cross occasionally-specifically, the left one. this time they got gavin a prescription for glasses. his glasses should arrive in about a week or so. the doctor told us that the glasses are really a last ditch effort to help with the crossing but that he fully expects gavin to need eye surgery.

with that, we scheduled an appointment for september 8th. we will go in that morning and if gavin's eyes are still crossing, we will schedule surgery. yes...another surgery. the surgery is not a typical lasic procedure that we are used to. rather, it is a cutting surgery. he will cut the muscle in both of gavin's eyes to loosen them until they are center. when we asked why they do both eyes if it is only his left that is crossing, the doctor said that it is like going to get your wheels aligned. you just get them aligned, not just make an adjustment to one of them. that makes sense i guess.

sometimes it takes more than one surgery to get the eyes straight. let's pray specifically that it just takes one. we are hopeful that this will help gavin with a variety of things. parents of other children have reported changes in their child's gross motor development-that they are able to sit better, walk straighter, etc. we hope and pray for that.

jeramy and i are happy that gavin will be able to see better. i am just bummed that it is going to take one or more surgeries. obviously, as his mom, i don't like it. i don't like the stress of the surgery, the anxiety over the anesthesia, and the pain he has to go through. it saddens me beyond what i can even express and i feel like it has just been one thing after another for him. that is what makes me sad....he needs a break. we need a break.

we will keep you all posted on this surgery as it approaches. you are all such supports for our family and we greatly appreciate all of your prayers for gavin. he's quite special.


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