Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cardiologist update

today i took gavin to see a cardiologist. since his pulmonologist was concerned about his lung disease causing stress to his heart, he referred him. i actually went with my friend's mom. her son sees the same cardiologist. it was so great to have her support and her background knowledge.

everything came back completely normal today! praise Jesus! the cardiologist did an EKG and checked his blood pressure as well. he said that his EKG looked completely normal and that his blood pressure and heart sounds were great. he scheduled an echocardiagram (an ultrasound of his heart) for gavin just to double check that everything looks up to par with his valves, arteries, etc. he anticipates that everything will come back completely normal with that test as well. i scheduled that appointment for august 11. i will make sure to keep you posted with the results.

thank you again for praying. getting good news today was exactly what we needed. we give every bit of praise to the Lord for that. He has His loving hands on gavin. we trust that.


  1. Yea God! We sure were praying for Gavin's heart! So thankful you had positive outcome at this appointment. (I know it can be discouraging to have bad news from so many different directions.) Wow! Your days must be super busy with his care, therapies & dr visits. Make some Tracee & Jeramy time!

  2. thanks melody! yes, therapies, appointments and feedings galore! we are going to dinner with a couple tomorrow night so that will be good. it is definitely needed! :)