Saturday, March 13, 2010

oh baby!!!

well...i am almost 24 weeks along and my belly is definitely growing! it has been so much fun being pregnant. i love every single day. i guess i am pretty blessed because i have had a very "textbook" pregnancy. my energy is really high and i feel great going into my 6th month. jeramy and i are really getting excited about meeting him and we love getting to feel him move! i feel him all the time and i have to say, it truly is one of the best feelings i have ever experienced. i find it almost soothing/comforting when he kicks me. ha ha! i love knowing that he's growing and i love feeling him stronger and stronger each and every day.

work is going really well. i am officially on spring break, which is really nice because i feel like i have so much sleep to catch up on! in addition to that, we found out recently that the man we rent our house from is selling it. we had potential buyers come through today to take a look and they love it. fortunately for us, if they end up getting it, they don't want to move in until january of next year. that works nicely for us since a move in the near future isn't quite so appealing to us. jeramy's work is going pretty well with taylor morrison. he is so talented and they just love him over there. we are praying about other opportunities at the moment and know that God will guide us in making the right decisions. after all...He has always provided for us.

we finished painting the nursery today. we went with green. actually the color is called "safari green". it is the greatest color ever! i love it. we found the furniture that we want for the nursery too, which is really exciting. i can't wait to see how it all comes together. my "to do" list is a mile and a half long, which is another reason i am glad that i have next week off. i think we plan on registering this week too, which is overwhelming and super exciting!  Here is a picture of the furniture we are going to get.

have a great week and wish us luck as we move forward, trusting that God will provide!

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