Thursday, February 25, 2010

it's a...

we prayed for this and BOY oh BOY, are we thrilled!!! jeramy is definitely feeling especially proud of himself...apparently, i didn't have much to do with it :) i guess that is such a guy thing to feel proud when you find out you're having a boy. the look on his face during the ultrasound was priceless. we were so excited during the ultrasound because we got to watch him move around for such a long, he's quite the mover! he has the most precious feet i have ever seen and i can't wait to kiss those little toes. i think he already has jeramy's pouty lip and he definitely has my toes from what it looks like!

i feel him move all the time, which is most definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant! the not so great parts..........well, let's just say, i have never seen the inside of my belly button to the extent i do now, my clothes are so tight that i feel as though i am suffocating our child, i have heartburn like a 65 year old man, i cry over EVERYTHING (just ask my hubby), my feet are always freezing, i feel like i might as well sleep in the bathroom because it seems as though i have to go every 10 minutes, all i want to do is sleep, my tailbone hurts if i sit too long, oh...and the newest "discovery" i am making is that it can potentially be dangerous to sneeze with a full bladder. lovely!

aside from the "unexpected issues", pregnancy has been wonderful!! i feel great. i am a little over 5 months along now and i feel him move more and more each day. God is good and every day, we get more and more excited about meeting our son! :)

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