Friday, March 26, 2010

come on!!!

i just got a call from the nurse that we saw this morning and she said that my protein levels have increased again. they don't want me coming down to the hospital right now since my blood pressure was looking better this morning. the high levels of protein are one of the things they look at when watching for preeclampsia.

the nurse gave me her cell phone number in case i have complications over the weekend. that way, she can call my doctor directly if i need to be admitted into labor and delivery. let's all pray that this is not the case and that this weekend goes by without any problems. jeramy and i need some days without going to the doctor/hospital. we've been there every day this week.

all of this really gives new meaning to "living day to day"...


  1. Oh Tracee~ You are living out the word FAITH!!! I can't imagine how hard it can be at times but I am so proud of you. By the way, There is no "cry wolf" at this time. Better to be safe and check both of you out, right! We are keeping you all in our prayers and we are only a phone call away for anything! Remember to say YES with people offering need to rest! Love you sweet girl!

  2. Tracee -I love you! If you need something - call me. ;) You have so many wonderful friends I know you are not alone. God bless you and little Gavin ~Lisa, Troy and Lills