Tuesday, January 31, 2012


my parents have a timeshare in sedona that we have used each year since i was a little girl. i have very fond memories there and i am excited to start traditions like this with gavin. this was his first time up there and he absolutely loved it! we were able to walk around some shops (although we had to stay pretty bundled up because it was so chilly!).

gavin ready for the cold weather

jeramy and i were also able to spend some time together hiking around the various trails in sedona. we had a blast. one day, we went on a hike with my dad to this gorgeous place called devil's bridge. if you look above us, you'll see it. purely magnificent!

the next day, jeramy and i went hiking again-this time just the two of us. it was such a special time. he is my best friend and i just love his company! we always have so much fun together!!

we left sedona on thursday morning and decided to head up to flagstaff for the day so that gavin could see the snow for the first time. the weather could not have been better. clear, sunny skies with just a little chill to the air.

we had such a wonderful time and i am so thankful that jeramy could join us for a couple days. love my life. love my family!


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