Saturday, January 14, 2012

eye surgery follow-up

we had gavin's 3 month-post op appointnment yesterday. it went so well! he told me that gavin's eyes look "perfect" and that he really "hit the bullseye". he also said that he didn't expect it to only take one surgery. since his eyes look so great 3 months after his surgery, it is pretty safe to say that they will stay straight. down the road, he may need to have another surgery but his doctor told us that if he did need one, he probably wouldn't need it until adulthood. i can live with that :)

jeramy and i have seen a huge improvement from gavin since his eye surgery. he is sitting up, still using his hands to prop himself up on the floor, he is rolling all over the place. his favorite place to play is under the dining room table.

here is a picture of gavin rolling everywhere around chirstmas time.

he has been doing so well. it is very exciting to see him getting more mobile. the more he moves, the more he develops muscle tone. we are so excited about the progress gavin is going to make this year.

our friends, nate and emily are back in the states right now. they are missionaries serving in the czech republic. they were expecting their little boy at the end of the year and they received their little bundle of joy on new years eve. it is so great to see them starting their own little family.

here is a picture of emily, gavin and me at her shower before she had Titus.

...and here is one of gavin at the shower that my friend jenni took as he was trying to grab her phone

love him so much!

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