Wednesday, September 7, 2011


gavin has been doing so well lately. he has been making strides in so many different areas. he has been eating so well lately and his reflux has been pretty minimal-only about once a day, if at all. he has occasionally been taking some baby food too. we are so pleased with this part because, as any mother knows, feedings are the most frequent thing we do for our children. when feedings are tough, it really can alter the entire perception of how your day went. needless to say, gavin has been eating quickly and efficiently. we thank God for that blessing.

he has also been sleeping so well! he has been going to bed around 6:45 and has been waking up between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning. in addition to that, he has also been napping for 2 hours in the afternoon. he recently went to one nap a day, which i love! here is a picture of him after he fell asleep in the car on our way home from church. isn't it the worst when they fall asleep 5 minutes away from the house when it's close to their naptime?? oh well....still so cute!!

gavin has also been making a lot of strides in therapy. he has been working on bearing weight on his legs and sitting independently. he is so close! he was invited to another 3 day NDT clinic (with his occupational therapist). i love how much they have taken a vested interest in him. i am so thankful for each of those women.

just a reminder that tomorrow is gavin's appointment with his opthomologist. please keep us in your prayers as we will most likely schedule surgery for his eyes. our appointment is at 8:20. we will update as soon as we know anything concrete. thank you everyone!

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