Monday, July 19, 2010


i just got home from the NICU a bit ago this evening and i caught something on TV that really made me stop and think about what gavin has had to go through. it was about people's attitudes that face adversity and just how positive some of them are.  tonight as we were visiting with one of the nurse's and one of the nurse practitioner's i really understood that gavin's lungs are the worst lungs they have ever seen on a baby. wow. we knew they were bad and "some of the worst" but didn't really understand the magnitude being where we are now. my sister gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy name asher. he was 7 pounds 4 ounces born just before 2pm. he's camped out just across the hall from gavin - just outside the NICU. it is fun to bounce back and forth to see both of these little boys and to really see the different paths they have taken.  check out gavin vs. asher's footprint:

gavin was to be born this thursday. it's hard to even imagine tracee still pregnant right now, preparing to have him. needless to say, that didn't happen and we received our very critical bundle of joy three and a half month's ago. he has fought and fought since day 1 to get to where he is now. i don't want to discount that at all. i am so proud of my son. i wonder if i have that kind of fight and drive like gavin does?  i sure hope so. it's inspiring and it's touching and it makes me want to be a better dad and a better husband. i love that my son has been teaching me...aren't i supposed to do that for him???!!!
we forget. i'm not sure if we can help it - we just do. i think that is why Jesus had his disciples partake in communion and He told them "do this in rememberance of Me..." we need to be reminded. it wasn't too long ago that we coined the phrase about 9/11 "we will never forget." but...the reality is that a lot of us have forgotten to some extent - we certainly don't feel the same today as we did on that dreadful day, or as we did even a week later when patriotism was at an all time high. hey, it is what it is - but i REALLY don't want to forget about what we have gone through and what God has taught us and how He has used gavin's life to shape who tracee and i are today. gavin is a special little boy but i don't think i had to tell all of you that, right?

ps. gavin went to all day high flow nasal canula today and is no longer on CPAP! pray that God will sustain him and this gets us 1 step closer to the door!!



  1. Due dates are so incredibly bittersweet for parents of preemies. I am sure it is very emotional for you and Tracee. You know but I will tell you again, Gavin has done so amazingly well. You couldn't be be any prouder than when he graduates from an Ivy League school. Now, to homecoming and continuing the loving at home.

    Mazel Tov on Asher. (You know I think it is a very special name.) It means happiness in Hebrew. My your family only know happiness and joy from this point forward!

    Raquel Schnitzer

  2. Very insightful post, Jeramy! Reminds me of a couple points (actually mini sermons, depending how deep you wish to go...)

    The first is the account of the children of Israel, after crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land, were commanded by God to gather and place "stones of remembrance" in order to teach the coming generations of the Lord's goodness & provision. You & Tracee, in your short marriage, already have erected a few "stones."

    The next, somewhat related concept, is the Jewish tradition of "Dayeinu" which roughly translates to "It would have been enough." The leader recites portions of the Exodus & the people respond with "Dayeinu". Here are a few:
    *God has shown us so many acts of kindness and grace. For each one, we say dayeinu.
    *If only the Lord God had taken us out of Egypt . . .


    *If only the Lord God had taken us out of Egypt and not passed judgment on the Egyptians . . .


    *If only the Lord God had passed judgment on the Egyptians and not parted the sea for us . . .


    *If only the Lord God had parted the sea for us and not taken care of us and fed us manna in the desert for 40 years. .

    And on it goes. When Messianic Jews recite this at Passover, some add portions referring to Jesus coming to earth (that would've been enough) Jesus died for us (that would've been enough...)

    I guess where I'm going with this is that God blessed you two with a marriage -- that would've been enough. Then the evidence of your love & commitment was a pregnancy -- that would have been enough. He kept Tracee through the surprising treacherous end of that pregnancy... Each milepost, each set-back, each joy, each sorrow, each miracle would've been enough, but Our Father still has more to reveal.

    No, these things we will never forget! Thank you for blessing us with your testimony.

    ♥Melody Shingler

  3. reading this post by my eldest son, of whom I am so proud and grateful for his relationship with the Lord, brings tears to my eyes. How we rejoice, how honored we feel, that GOD would reach down and into our world, to bestow miracle upon miracle for precious Gavin. Thanks to all the praying saints for lifting him up, along with Jeramy and Tracee!! there is no doubt that life begins at conception and that the Lord has a very special plan for Gavin's life, as well as his parents. What a contrast to the full-term healthy cousin Asher's birth 7/19. We love him dearly as well. cousins, so close in age, with such different paths thus far. God, we look forward to the unfolding of your plan in these 2 little boys' lives!! Grandma Star