Wednesday, December 8, 2010

on bended knee

gavin's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30. we check in at 9:30 where we will meet the anesthesiologist and get started. gavin will need to be intubated and put on the ventilator for the surgery. this is obviously our biggest prayer request because of his lungs. we pray that there are no complications coming off the ventilator and that gavin is able to return to the oxygen that he is on. a kiddo like gavin with his lung disease has the possibility to struggle coming straight off the ventilator since his lungs will love the break. fortunately for us, it is not a lengthy surgery. we are grateful for that. we are also grateful for the surgeon that we have. she is the best out there. in addition, we have a top pediatric anesthesiologist who also does a ton of work with nicu babies so he's use to the more critical, tiny babies.

we will be staying a minimum of one night in the picu. hopefully we will be able to come home on friday. Jesus, hear our cry. hear our plea. please hold our baby once more and get him over another hurdle, as You have already done so many times before. we trust in You.

please please pray for me and for jeramy as well. i know that we are both dreading being away from our baby tomorrow....even for a bit. i know that every mother out there can relate to the pain they would feel having their baby put under anesthesia. i think i would feel a thousand times more confident going into this if gavin's lungs were not as bad as they are. it makes me nervous...nervous to the point that i feel sick today. the good thing is that this kid is the toughest kid i have ever met and it is truly inspiring.

thank you for praying. specifically, we would love it if everyone could join together at the time of his surgery tomorrow and pray. 11:30. be there. be praying. our God is an awesome God.

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