Saturday, November 27, 2010


so many things to be thankful for this year. i am thankful that i have a little boy that i get to hug and kiss, that i get to tuck him into bed every night, that i get to watch him grow and learn new things, and that God spared his life. i am thankful that i have a wonderful husband to walk through life with. there is not a doubt in my mind that what we have gone through would most definitely break most marriages. jeramy is my angel.

we had a great thanksgiving. we had my parents and sister over to our house, along with jeramy's parents and his brother, josh. unfortunately, we were unable to have his sister, her husband and their precious kids join us because of the risk of possible exposure to gavin but they were missed indeed. we also missed my sister's husband, Ryan who is a firefighter and worked that day :(

i loved hosting thanksgiving. i made my first turkey this year! i brined it for a few days and did a dry rub on it with a variety of herbs and seasonings. so yummy, so tender and juicy! the recipe is a definite keeper...go food network! we had so many yummy things on the menu and i just love going overboard on the decor and with the presentation of everything! :) jeramy knows that if i host something, it is going to be overdone for sure. is there any other way?? ha ha!

it was so nice to have family here at the house and to enjoy gavin at this very fun stage he's in. he talks/babbles a ton! gosh he makes the best noises. we praise Jesus for his progress every single day. of course we had to get him into a cute little thanksgiving outfit! i can't help myself. thank you mom for his adorable! here is a picture of the little turkey! :)
we feel so blessed beyond belief. 24 week babies don't survive everyday, let alone with the outcome that gavin has had. no brain bleeds, surgeries, or physical deformaties. he is a miracle and this thanksgiving reminds me of my friends whose precious little babies-some 24 weeks old and some older-didn't survive. i think of each of you everyday. you are always in my prayers.

let's all remember to be thankful for our children this year.......may we never forget how blessed we are.

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  1. he's so sweet! you should take a video of him babbling :)