Monday, October 5, 2009

i will praise YOU in this storm

sometimes it is really hard to see God's plan and timing in everything. right now is one of those times. i don't know why i get stressed out about small things when i know that God has never let go of me; however, i still do. i have been heartbroken watching my hsuband deal with so much stress lately, almost daily. the hardest thing, as a wife, is to see your husband going through something and not know how to fix it. i tried...really hard to fix it by myself. but at this point, i know that my job as his wife is to pray pray pray. it is such a weird feeling when things are completely out of your control, yet in some weird way, it is comforting. why is that?? maybe it is because it's a relief to know that i don't need to stress myself out with it. God tells us to cast all our cares on Him. He wants to do this for me. so why do i still feel helpless?? i guess this is a good time to mention that patience is not a gift of mine. i wish that it was. in my heart, i really do trust in God's plan but i can't seem to get myself to wait. we are told to wait on the Lord...wait on His timing. why can't i do it?! i guess i need to pray for myself too. i need to pray that God shows me how to pray for my husband and how to completely give him over to the Lord.

God, i do trust in You. but it is so hard for me!! i ask for your forgiveness in this area of my life...for trying to do it by myself and keeping you out of the equation. please forgive me. i will wait on You.


  1. Well you know that I will be thinking of you and praying for you! Your an amazing woman and to think that you with all your intellegence and faith still struggle makes me feel like this journey is a struggle for all of us! Ohhh by the way love your new header!!!

  2. I want to put a picture behind it. I have been trying all weekend. I am so determined to figure it out. I practically have been sleeping with my laptop! ha!